Heartslut Fundraiser

Heartslut Fundraiser



As a comedian and performer I have been using the live streaming app Periscope. It has been an amazing platform for me to entertain people around the world. I do morning "Cawfee Tawks" broadcasts, I have 30+ different characters I perform and I give a peak into the world of being a comedian on the road.


One night one of my characters painted for everyone on Periscope.  Kidding around I auctioned off her silly paintings and to my surprise the two paintings went for $180 and $100.  I was so taken back that I decided to add $20 and take the $300 to the Ronald McDonald House and donate it. About a month later I decided to have my character draw more paintings and again we auctioned it off.  To my total shock because of the generosity of my followers we raised another $800.  Again, while live streaming we walked that check over to the Ronald McDonald House.  After now raising $1,100 I knew this was just the start.


Since those first two auctions I have held 4 more.  All while live streaming. On March 25th  I did for the second time a 24 hour periscope-a-thon. I performed all my characters, held nine auctions and entertained without stopping all from my tiny New York City apartment. With lots of laughs came my biggest fundraiser yet with my fans donating $12,500. This  number brings our new total to $30,910 raised for the Ronald McDonald House. All 6 checks were brought in while live streaming so that everyone around the world who took part could be there with me.


Why the Ronald McDonald House? I picked the Ronald McDonald House as it brings up some emotions and feelings from my childhood. I was diagnosed with a bone disease at the age of six, requiring me to wear leg braces for three years.  The following year, I had five hip surgeries, was in and out of hospitals and even confined to a hospital bed for nine months. I come from a family that was fortunate enough where my mom was able to stop working to stay with me during my hospital stays. We were able to turn our den into a hospital room for almost a year while I was immobile.  Most importantly, I was fortunate enough to get the best doctors and medical care a kid can ask for. From the age of six, I was able to see how hard my illness was on my family. I will forever want to pay back my good fortune by paying it forward. The Ronald McDonald House helps the families of these sick kids. They give the families a place to stay, provide programs of support, along with all sorts of medical assistance.


Please help by either donating what you can or just keep me company during this next live streaming fundraiser!!